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All starting ring gears (expect the screwed ones) have a diameter slightly inferior to the size of the flywheel where they are mounted, ranging from 0.20 and 0.50mm, depending on its diameter.  That is why the mounting is carried out by means of a previous heating, which allows sufficient expansion for its setting up in the flywheel.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to follow instructions.

1. Heating must be done as uniform as possible and never with a gas burner, as this process causes great temperature differences to the pieces.

2. the temperature should be 250o.  A temperature higher than 350o will affect the gear tooth hardness.  Cooling is never to be performed quickly.

3. An accurate centering of the pieces in the flywheel is an absolutely essential condition.

4. The original center distance should be maintained.  Serious damage could result both for the ring gear and for the pinion or even for the engine.